As a collaboration, Mycelia and the FAC (Featured Artists Coalition) are doing a pilot project with the Digital Catapult involving blockchain technology.

We want to create a small music ecosystem around 2 songs of Imogen’s (Hide and Seek and Tiny Human) and one of Imogen’s main songwriting collaborations. We will list and link all the metadata, collaborations and related media, enabling it to be both human and machine readable. We will also translate any existing physical contracts and licensing schemes into smart contracts.

At its most basic, this will create a network of trusted and verified information to attribute and recognise all involved in the creation of a song while having the potential to pay all those who are involved, including the distributors, fans and businesses who interact with the works.

We believe this pilot will engage and inspire services, both existing and in development, to show the benefits of unleashing rich, verified metadata and sharing protocols across a network.

The goal, that the global music industry can enjoy a long-overdue flourishing, coupled with a sustainable music ecosystem, which artists and all can benefit from and be proud of.

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