for a sustainable and vibrant music industry ecosystem...


Founded by Imogen Heap

A research and development hub for music makers

Driven by a growing community of creatives, technologists and industry champions for the love of music

OUR Mission is 

To empower a fair, sustainable and vibrant music industry ecosystem involving all online music interaction services

To unlock the huge potential for creators and their music related metadata so an entirely new commercial marketplace may flourish

To ensure all involved are paid and acknowledged fully

To see that commercial, ethical and technical standards are set to exponentially increase innovation for the music services of the future

To connect the dots with all those involved in this shift from our current outdated music industry models, exploring new technological solutions to enliven and positively impact the music ecosystem


Music makers are the connective tissue for the music industry.
The Creative Passport is the digital container to hold verified profile information, IDs, acknowledgments, works, business partners and payment mechanisms, to help get music makers and their works, linked and open (data) for business.


In 2018, Mycelia will be taking Imogen Heap on tour until summer 2019. THE MYCELIA WORLD TOUR is a new model for touring, comprising of concerts, talks, workshops and exhibitions, the 40-city tour will be used as a platform to officially launch Mycelia’s Creative Passport.

LOAS Life of a Song

Dissecting Imogen Heap’s song ‘Hide and Seek’, Life of a Song is a research project showing how the music industry works through the lenses of a song


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