In 2018, Mycelia will be taking Imogen Heap on tour

MYCELIA works with and for people who are interested in unleashing new potentials for a fair, sustainable and vibrant music industry. Mycelia looks to drive technology, ensuring that all involved in the creation and distribution of musical works are acknowledged and paid fully, in as transparent a way as possible. How can we help those who wish to do business with music creatives and their works, to enable their experience be made as easy as possible? Our projects include work with distributed ledgers, linked data, VR, AR, Big Data, IP, identity and verification.

THE MYCELIA WORLD TOUR is a new model for touring. Over the course of a year, it will spend a week in residency at 45 Performing Arts Centres in major cities, circumnavigating the globe. A festival of art and technology, it organically grows a sustainable music ecosystem as it physically and virtually engages with hundreds of thousands of local and global artists, musicians, coders, developers, fans, scientists and anyone else who might walk through its doors. A 4 day event in each city for all ages, which bring live music, Interactive exhibitions, talks, Q&As, workshops, master classes and a hack weekend!

MYCELIA WITH IMOGEN HEAP will include Imogen’s legendary performances and her internationally acclaimed guests, as well as featuring in performances, workshops, exhibitions and talks the ground breaking MiMu gloves (the new frontier of wearable music digital interfaces), Creative Passports (connecting you to a global social network of musicians and their representative organisations, opening up new opportunities like never before), The Life of A Song (giving an eye opening understanding of the music industry through the lens of Imogen’s Hide and Seek) in AR, not to mention audiences at home experiencing Imogen Heap’s performance live in Virtual Reality, immersed in a frequency and energy interpretation of the music. Projects and works will be featured around the venue and city also.

The core touring party of 12 artists and 9 enablers will collaborate with respected local artists, bright minds, academic institutions and local music industry bodies, bringing the global music industry and communities together. Mycelia will reach out with strength and depth into each local community, engaging, collaborating with and paying local musicians and an orchestra to perform on one of the nights. The sets and dressing of the theatres will be built by employed local craftspeople. Local innovation in music tech and business will be on show at the exhibition alongside some of the works of our touring party and our collaborative sponsors’ work and technology.

IMOGEN HEAP is the brainchild behind Mycelia.

Grammy and Ivor Novello winning British Artist, Heap is seen as a pioneer for her innovative MiMu gestural music making system and for her leadership in the music business space. Recently, Imogen composed the musical score for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child theatre production, for which she was nominated for an Olivier Award. Heap has written articles for Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review and Demos, been featured in New Scientist, Wired, the NYT, and The Guardian, and has presented and performed at TED, SXSW, Midem, Slush and Glastonbury. Imogen has sold out venues such as The Royal Albert Hall (UK) and Greek Theatre (USA), released 4 solo albums, collaborated with many renowned international musicians (Taylor Swift, Jeff Beck, Deadmau5) and creatively worked with tens of global organisations along the way (Intel, Dolby, British Council). This is the ecosystem she we will be sharing on tour.

INTO THE FUTURE, Mycelia will take another international artist on tour in each following year, with the model and structure of Mycelia World Tour customised to their unique performances and ecosystem.

With the right partners, sponsors and investors, there is no doubt that Mycelia will quickly become a must-see and be a part of experience for all, year in year out.