CREATIVE Passport 

Music makers are the connective tissue for the music industry. The Creative Passport is the digital container to hold verified profile information, IDs, acknowledgements, works, business partners and payment mechanisms, to help get music makers and their works, linked and open (data) for business

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IMOGEN HEAP’s Creative Passport

This is a physical and printed representation of Imogen’s Creative Passport

The Creative Passport is the digital container for verified profile information, IDs, acknowledgements, works, business partners and payment mechanisms for all music makers (creatives). Its aim is to become a digital identity standard for music makers, collectively forming the Creative Passport Database and evolving into the essential connective hub for all music related services.

Using emergent blockchain technology, featuring template ‘smart contracts’, the ‘Creative Passport’ will enable quick and easy direct payments, to simplify and democratise collaboration from meaningful commercial partnerships to creativity.

Creative Passports will be free for music makers. Access to the Creative Passport Database is to be a subscription service for businesses who wish to link in and take advantage of its rich data, or market their service to the Creative Passport holders. Profits will go to the upkeep of the Creative Passport service and to the Creative Passport holders


Wow, how can I get involved?

We hold many events and workshops, more so as we embark on the Mycelia World Tour end 2018 – 2019. 

Please keep tabs on them via our newsletter and sign up here

If you are a music maker and want to learn more:

If you are an music service or developer and want to collaborate: 

If you are an investor, looking for collaborations and business opportunities or anything else, email Imogen and the team and you’ll be directed to the right person: 

Who is the Creative Passport for?

The Creative Passport is for music makers : composers, musicians, songwriters, producers, audio engineers, sound artists … you name it! However, designers, authors, filmmakers are also enquiring for the future, so who knows in time? 

Can anyone else access a Creative Passport other than its holder?

Yes… or No! The holder can set up various kind of access and permissions in the settings, allowing their team and/or representatives to act on their behalf. Only the Creative Passport holder can decide these kinds of permissions. The final visible data needs to be correct and verified, (though parts of it could be crowdsourced to begin with, eg lyrics etc). Based on the permissions given, the data will be free for non-commercial purposes, this means that fans, for example, can access all the data for free. For 3rd party services willing to use on commercial basis and license the data contained in the Creative Passport Database, they will pay a fee to get access. The money will be distributed directly to the Creative Passports’ holders only after the upkeep of the Creative Passport service.

Why should I have to type in all my details to yet another service again?

The aim of the Creative Passport is to link up and be a beacon for all the correct data about yourself, your work, your songs and your collaborations. It’s a business to business solution, linking to hundreds of 3rd party services and representatives. You keep your Creative Passport up to date and you give the world a fighting chance to keep up with you! 

When will Creative Passports be available?

For over three years, we’ve been sharing our ideas but 2018 brings the Creative Passport into its development phase. We are working toward having a beta version for the start of the Mycelia World Tour, Autumn 2018 where we will continue to develop, refine and get more and more music makers and services excited about seeing it come to life. 

Is Creative Passport for Free?

Yes, Creative Passport will be for free for all music makers and for fans interested to explore the data. Mycelia is a non-profit company and this is our gift to you. 3rd party services using the data contained in the Creative Passports for commercial purposes will pay a fee to obtain access. The money will be distributed directly to the Creative Passports’ holders only after the upkeep of the Creative Passport service.

Is Blockchain involved?

As a music maker, discovering smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain changed Imogen’s life. We have since been exploring lots of blockchain solutions and in parallel, refining our purpose in what we believe to be essentially missing in the music ecosystem, to bring about the Creative Passport. Interoperability between the Creative Passport and the other services which are connected to it is absolutely key for music makers and the wider music ecosystem, as is the need for flexibility in this ever changing industry. Mycelia is very interested in viable system models and in particular, most recently R-Chain. 

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