Hello friends!

here there is the plan for our Mycelia Hack weekend!

Friday 1st 4.30pm – 7pm
(presentation 6-7pm)

Saturday 2nd 10am – 6.30pm
Workshop and coding

Sunday 3rd 10am – 4.30pm
Wrap up, discussion and next steps

The workshops, facilitated by Lloyd Davies will be on the Saturday, over the course of the day, they will be looking at an existing song and contracts and seeing how that would look as a smart contract and then looking at a totally new song, Tiny Human, and seeing how we can get that online in as ‘mycelia’ a way as possible using existing technology and services.

Also during the weekend you will be able to develop your code ideas, discuss and share ideas with others and try and build the systems and tools that can make mycelia work.

In fact if you don’t already have an idea we would love for someone to try and build using existing services some way to show how a song can get online, be linked too, ‘streamed’ and for us to know who was listening and using that data. Along with the workshops trying to build this conceptually if you can try and build something functional that would be great.

We have separated the tickets into two types, code and workshops, if you are coming along with the aim of trying to build something in code, alone or part of a team then please book a code ticket.

Also please only book a ticket if you can make it along for most of the weekend, if you just want to drop in, well the space is open to the public so any time on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday you can drop in grab a coffee from the cafe and say hi.

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